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Veteran Resources

Why Hire Veterans

Military professionals and Veterans possess a very diverse skill set that will be an asset for any employment opportunity in your company or business.  

Accustomed to working in a team environment, mission driven and capable of adapting to working conditions; our Nation's Veterans are among the best when it comes to dedication to service and getting the job done.

If you are looking for more information on why you should consider hiring Veterans for your staff, please follow one of the links below.   

Information provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs discussing why Veterans Make Good Employees.

Why Veterans Make Good Employees

Learn more about the Work Opprotunity Tax Credit 

Tax Benefits for Hiring Veterans

This toolkit is provided by the Department of Labor which discusses ways to implement hiring initiatives for Veterans.

Veterans Hiring Toolkit

Get more information about the Special Employer Incentives when you hire or train qualifying Veterans. 

Veteran Opportunity to Work

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